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July 2017

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Thursday, July 6
Time: All day event
Summary: Language Creation Society Incorporation Date (2007)
Description: This was the day the LCS was founded. It was founded in Berkeley by Sai Emrys, David Peterson, and John Clifford.
Sunday, July 16
Time: All day event
Summary: Otto Jesperson, creator of Novial, born on this day in 1860.
Tuesday, July 18
Time: All day event
Summary: Martin Schleyer, creator of Volapük, born 1831.
Wednesday, July 19
Time: All day event
Summary: Discovery of the Rosetta Stone, 1799
Friday, July 21
Time: All day event
Summary: Dr. James Cooke Brown, creator of Loglan, born on this day in 1921.
Saturday, July 22
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Summary: Conlang meetup
Wednesday, July 26
Time: All day event
Summary: Unua Libro, the first publication to describe Esperanto, published on this day in Russian in 1887.
Thursday, July 27
Time: All day event
Summary: Pres. John Quincy Adams responds to James Ruggles in a letter dated this date, 1827 ( - p. 178).
Description: Ruggles is arguably the first person to develop a language which mixed the categorizing of knowledge typified by Wilkins and the streamlining of language epitomized by Esperanto. Johann Schleyer's Volapük, which most see as the first language of this type, would not appear until 1880. The Ohioan Ruggles beat Schleyer by over fifty years! However, Volapük would gain much wider notice than the Universal Language, and Ruggles would become one of the more obscure figures in conlanging.
Saturday, July 29
Time: All day event
Summary: CONLANG mailing list founded, 1991.
Time: All day event
Summary: The Fellowship of the Ring (book) published, 1954.

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