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December 30 - January 5

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Tuesday, January 1
Time: All day event
Summary: John Wilkins born, 1614.
Description: John Wilkins (1 January 1614–19 November 1672) was an English clergyman, natural philosopher and author, a founder of the Royal Society, and Bishop of Chester from 1668 until his death. He is particularly known for An Essay towards a Real Character and a Philosophical Language in which, amongst other things, he proposed a universal language and a decimal system of measure not unlike the modern metric system.
Thursday, January 3
Time: All day event
Summary: J.R.R. Tolkien, creator of Middle Earth and its languages, born, 1892
Friday, January 4
Time: All day event
Summary: Jakob Grimm (of Grimm's Law and folktale fame) born, 1785.
Saturday, January 5
Time: All day event
Summary: A monument to Ivar Aasen, creator of Nynorsk, is unveiled in Oslo, 1996.
Description: (noted in Limits of Language by Mikael Parkvall)

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